• Mark Strubler, MA, LPC

    When embarking on the journey of entrusting a new individual with your deepest thoughts and formative experiences, it’s natural to seek an understanding of the person you’re connecting with.

    My initial passion revolved around pursuing a career in music. I am thankful for the opportunities to study and collaborate with talented teachers and artists, creating an identity as a musician. However, as I embraced the roles of husband and father within my family, I recognized the need to challenge that identity to align with my core values.

    Another area I find enjoyment in is process and continuous improvement. I pursued additional education and work experience in these areas and enjoyed working with engineering and supply chain leaders. There was something missing for me despite the bright career path presented to me. While that career path can bring a sense of fulfillment to many, I knew there was more to my own story.

    What was absent was the human connection—I place a high value on working with people rather than processes. This realization prompted me to pursue a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, enabling me to engage in work that holds deep personal meaning and allows for a healthy work/life balance. Even before formal studies commenced, I immersed myself in literature and podcasts by experts on trauma, addiction, and recovery. This became my language, and these were the individuals I aspired to be surrounded by.

    Outside of my professional endeavors, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two children, sharing coffee or breakfast with friends, practicing martial arts, exploring local trails, engaging in music creation and learning, reading, and delving into podcasts covering mental and physical health, mindset training, spirituality, and masculinity.

    My Education

    • Oakland University – MA in Mental Health Counseling
    • Michigan State University – Masters Certificate in Supply Chain Mgmt and Operations
    • Berklee College of Music – BM in Contemporary Writing and Production


    • EMDR International Association