• Addictions/Compulsions

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    When people hear the word “addiction”, an immediate reaction would be to think of alcohol and drugs. While this is part of what people can use in an attempt to address a deeper need, many other addictive behaviors can be used to numb pain in our lives. Some questions to ask yourself:

    Despite your best efforts to quit on your own, does this continue to rear its ugly head?

    Is this affecting your relationships negatively? Do you feel like you have to hide this from those close to you?

    Does this leave you with feelings of shame, guilt, depression, or anxiety afterward?

    If you answered “Yes” – you are not alone.

    Referred to as Process Addictions, people can use gambling, video games, smartphones, pornography, sex, shopping, work, love addiction, and food to seek relief from the the past or difficulties in the present.

    A popular TED speaker recently stated that “The opposite of addiction is connection“. Simply put, yes, and I would also add that through our work together we can learn valuable information about your story through the nature of the addictive behavior, substance, or process. This information is valuable in finding where the disconnect is, and where we can work to build or rebuild a strong internal connection as well as external connection to others.

    I will work with you to understand these processes and their deeper need, and together we’ll reconstruct toward a healthy, directed, and meaningful life.

    You probably have had plenty of self criticism or negative input from others regarding this – My approach is compassionate and non-pathologizing.

    I believe that there are many paths to successful recovery that will work with your goals and desires, and ensure you can make the life changes you want to make. Contact me today for a free consultation.