• Intensives

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    Out of isolation – back to connection – back to nature.

    The last 3 years have brought us as a society into a space of furthered isolation and siloed thinking. It is proven that getting out into nature has a profound effect on addressing symptoms of anxiety and depression. I would also add that it allows one to experience clarity through emptying your mind of the day to day drudgery we can find ourselves in. 

    So what does this look like?

    After doing a brief intake call and completing a questionnaire that will guide the direction of the intensive, you and I will meet at a park that is mutually close in proximity. The time we spend (90 minutes minimum up to 6 hours) will focus on the content we are agreeing to address. 

    You will walk away from the experience with increased clarity, confidence, and courage to take toward healing or action in your life. 

    We will also schedule a 15 minute followup call post-intensive to reflect on the intensive and discuss any further needs. 

    Contact me for more information – I look forward to working with you!